Thursday, April 23, 2009


I AM STILL PREGNANT!!!! Laaaawd ah mercy.

I walk as if my vagina is filled with rocks, no joke, it is HEAVY. I think i can come up with a remix to Fayann's heavy T Bumpa. For the past week i've been power walking with Kwame's mom, dancing up a storm to Merengue, cha-cha, Samba and Mambo. It is this Latin cardio dance video, it is gooood. You should see the belly moving from side to side. I must say though, at this point, it is so easy to fall into a depression and be miserable because my body just cannot take it anymore. My belly is so sore and with each movement the baby makes it hurt.

Well, i get the strongest feeling we will be parents by the end of the weekend. Things happen during full moon. I AM READY to turn a new page.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


AH FED UP BEING PREGNANT!!!!*Bangs head*. I still have a gut people and it is the size of a watermelon, not a little one you know, a BIG one. Sigh. I must say i loved being pregnant up until 2 weeks ago. The days are going so slow and i am feeling more pain. I was telling Amanda and Faj that my vangina feels as if it is holding a ton of bricks and each time i get up from sitting down or when i walk i just feel like i have to hold it cause it is so heavy or it feels as if it is falling out. I can't find a better way to explain it just feels heavy man.

Emotionally? i am a mess, just about everything makes me cry and i am absolutely bored out of my mind. Last Sunday, we went on the street, forgetting it was Easter Sunday. All the stores were closed, that means i had to go back inside the house. Can you believe when Kwame pulled up to the garage i started crying, shameful right? i know, what can i say "call me the Canadian psycho". I felt so cooped up in the house i really didn't want to go back in there. I wanted to get out so badly i offered to treat him to red lobster, since they were just about the only place that was open.

All in all this whole thing is getting on my nerves. I still pee as if i am supplying a reservoir, my belly is still stretching and it frigging itches. Doesn't matter how much i moisturize it. Sleeping is getting ridiculous. Sleeping on my sides for too long is becoming a problem and i cannot sleep on my back for too long because of that major artery so i think i need to sleep sitting up. Sometimes this child decides to sleep on the surface and it doesn't matter how much i provoke her, she will never MOVE, IT HURTS BAAAAD. It's hard and uncomfortable. PLEASE GOD, PLEASE LET THIS BE OVER SOON. OK, enough of my complaining.

I must tell you that i am well prepared for my big day. Not only is my little pulley packed, but i also shaved my legs and got a pedicure. I cleaned up my yard; weed out all the dandelions, mowed the lawn and cleaned up the side walk real good and of course i didn't do it all by myself, i enlisted the help of a very kind gentleman. I'm ready for the Lights, Camera, ACTION....uhmmm, not quiet sure about the action part lol.

My doctor is impressed with how my cervix is progressing and he hopes he'll see me before my next appointment, which is on Tuesday. Now i sit and wait ANXIOUSLY.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


WHOOOP, WHOOOP. It is almost time and i must say i am HEXCITED!!!

Everything is ready. My bag is packed and sitting in a corner. The room is is all painted and the furniture has been assembled, clothes packed away. I am only waiting for the bedding to show up in the mail. Oh, i can also sleep better at nights because the search for a stroller and car seat is over and i only paid $188 for it. Thank God for sales and gift cards hehehe.

My weekly appointments are going well, the baby is still in the correct position and the cervix is thinning like it should. MAAAAN, can i tell ya'll how much it hurts? IT HURTS. I am definately getting more miserable as the days go by and i am riding on an emotional roller coaster. It is not a pretty ride at all lol. Sometimes i feel like a sociopath.

P.S: I took some hot gyal pics, you guys can have a glimpse next week when i get them.

All in all i am good and blessed and happy and, and, and i cannot wait to see my lil Blessing lol.

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Just JAH WORKS!!!

Last week i was on and realized that the crib and dresser/change table was on sale but online ONLY. We were excited and wanted to order right away, but you that couldn't go down without a glitch right?. The cribs and dressers were all sold out. I wasn't pleased at all. On Monday we went to the Toys r us ( the people know us well lol)and we saw another crib that was just as strong but cost less. I told Kwame i didn't care anymore lol i just wanted to have the room set up and ready for when the baby comes. We took the stickers from the crib and the change table but when we got to the Counter, Kwame realized he didn't have his cards with him, he took them out when he went away for the weekend. We considered the incident as an inconvenience cause we were tired of going to the peoples store, not realizing that it was a sign, a beautiful one too.

Today, we agreed that we would quit procrastinating and just go back and buy he crib today. We walked into the store and Kwame headed towards the crib that we've been drooling over. He noticed that the dresser/change table was sold out and the one we were looking at was the LAST one. So being Kwame he went to the counter and asked the woman about it and checked her computer and confirmed the one on the floor was the last one and that we would get $100 off should we buy it. HOWEVER, it would be delivered AS IS. LOl i wobbled my penguin self back to the change table to look for scratches and stuff, and it was Scartch free. We agreed to get it. We also told her we would take the crib...Again Kwame being Kwame asked about a deal lol. The lady said she'd see what she can do, when she checked her computer again...she noticed it was the LAST CRIB....hahaha. Guess what? we got a $130 off the crib and the change table was actually $150 off. Even if they did have a lil scratch on them? it wouldn't even be a big deal, cause it's nothing that a lil sand paper and varnish cannot fix. So at the end of the day, we got the whole set for way less than the crib set we were going to settle for. The set will be here on Saturday afternoon, OMG, I AM SOOO EXCITED. The room will be completed by tomorrow, Kwame is just doing the touch ups.

I was also going to buy a matress..But Kwame said a coworker asked about the things we didn't get and he mentioned it and she said she would get them. Can you beleive that? See little things like these bring tears to my eyes because i didn't know people could be so nice. I've always been the giver and the doer, i've never been on the receiving end so this is all new to me. Everyday i'm grateful and i thank God for all the beautiful people that surrounds us.

Now to buy the stroller and car seat, THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. We see something we like though but i suggested we wait till after the baby show, which is on Sunday to check out other strollers and ask the professionals some questions.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hello Orica, you are 37 Weeks Pregnant TODAY!!!!!

Is it almost time or what?!!!!, My gaaaawd. I am so excited!!. You have no idea how high my level of excitement is. I feel like i'm waiting to see a long lost family member and as the time gets closer the more anxious i get.

It's funny how my cell phone hasn't been ringing, partly because everybody thinks it's disconnected (i love it that way, i can save money) but as we entered April, people be ringing down my cell phone wondering if i had the baby lol. People, i know you are as excited as i am but stop stress mi out lol. I have all your numbers and Kwame will have my cell phone so as she pops out, 5 minutes or maybe half an hour later he will text ALL ah unuh and mek unuh know. SCENE? ( well Mandy we gonna have to work something out since we can't text to Japan, we have to buy a phone card just for you). Oh, and if you guys notice that i am MIA on MSN, i'm not really in a talky talky mood nowdays, plus as i said before it gets annoying and frustrating when everyone keep asking if i make baby yet and most of u know how i get when i'm agitated.

Whats new?
My last Lamaze class was on Tuesday. It was alright. It was a very small class, not sure what happened to everybody. One couple had their baby. Her due date was 2 days before mine. Poor Kwame had a panic attack when the husband came down to tell us. This was the first time he actually got scared because it could be us, any day now. He had his head down, and he kept saying, oh gooosh, oh my gaawd, maaan, lol, and everyone was laughing at him. He kept going on, mommy aint here yet, i wouldn't know what to do...hahahaa, you guys should have been there it was hilarious. We didn't really do anything but watch some videos and talked about our experience and give each other tips and stuff like that. Shhhhh...doh tell anybody but Kwame and i are allowed to be in her class next week although we didn't pay for it, some taking care of baby class. I say we go cause i think then and only then will i feel as if my $90 was well spent lol.

This week i also had my appointment, which was long over due but my dr. was on vacation so i had to have it 3 weeks later. We did the Group B Streptococcus (GBS) test. Same idea as a pap smear except i got my butt swabbed too. Read all about it.

The appointment was the usual, i told him about all the new and exciting things; the pelvic and cervix pain and so on. He assured me that i am normal and if i see blood i should get myself to the emergency. He measured my belly and felt for the baby's head and sure enough she did turn. My belly also dropped a little bit, which is great because i was having a hard time breathing. He says everything is going well and my next visit is next Monday. I will see him every week untill i have the baby.

P.S. Will i give birth before my due date? April 24th or will i go over my 40 weeks? How early or late do you think i'll be?

Poll number 2: This lady thinks the baby will weigh 6lbs 7 ounces? What do you guys think?

LETS MAKE THIS FUN PEOPLE. Allyuh can bet money if yuh want lol ( in no way shape or form do 1 condone online gambling :D)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Did I do Thaaaaaat?

Last week Saturday evening i went to my first Stag and Doe party. It was pretty cool. It was at the same place my shower was held. I've never been to one before so i didn't know what to expect. There were lots of games and prizes to be won. Food, music and of course drinks that i couldn't even smell. As usual i have to make my regular visit to the bathroom. I was standing outside the bathroom for couple good minutes and whoever was in their kept flushing the toilette, i was like hellooo i really gotta go. They kept doing them. The security at the front desk realized what was going on and she allowed me to use the staff bathroom. I used the bathroom, washed my hand, dried my hands and the person was still in the other bathroom. Lol i don't even want to know what was going on with that person's intestines jah know.

My 4th bathroom visit was the same as the first one and the pee was more intense. I was crossing and uncrossing my legs. Doing my kegels an ting. I knocked the door, bunny hopping all over the place. The lady wasn't at the desk to help me this time. I didn't know what to do. Thank heavens a security was doing his rounds and noticed my dilema. He offered to take me to the female change room on the 2nd floor, i said yes, as i was waiting a while. He went to the second floor and he opened the change room for me. People i don't even know what happened after i guess i couldn't pull down my pants and underwear fast enough cause i had already started to piss myself :(. I've heard this story over and over and over and never for a minute did i think it would happen to me. Thank god i was wearing a shirt dress that covered the jeans AND thanks even more because it was the end of the session,and it was my "one for the road" visit. As i was about to exit the elevator it was kwame entering, he asked where i was coming from and i told him...i was like duuuude "i wet miself" he burst out laughing and called me nasty. We packed up the car went home and handle mi business. Sigh... the joys of being pregnant and not being able to controll the bladder..

Hello Orica, you are 36 weeks Pregnant!!!

Whooohooo, I'm getting there slowly but surely. I'm hoping i have this baby early seeing that 2 of my home girls had their baby girls before their due date? Please GOD?, cause i'm here singing Sizzla,s "rugged road".

What's new?

Part deux of the Lamaze class was last Tuesday. I cannot stress enough what a waste of money that class is. $90 to sit and watch videos of women giving birth. I mean i've been watching a baby story ever since i discovered TLC and i've seen a live birth before, so why de hell she wants me to sit for half a class to watch mini clips of more "uncensored" birth stories?. We visited the maternity floor for the second half of the class. Walked around looking at each birthing room (they all looked the same lol). She showed us where equipements are kept and how the birthing jacuzzi works. It's one unique piece of equipement i must say. That was about it. End of class, "REFUUUUND". Tuesday is my last class, i'm interested to see what we will do for the last class.
P.S.: All who had money on the Muslim couple not coming back...we lost, just when i was about to say "damn they really didn't come back", they showed up. In style too, a whole 1:30 minutes late lol.
P.S.S: Why on God's green earth would the instructor give us a pampers booklet of expired coupons? Just what am i going to do with all those expired coupons?

What else?
I'm begining to know what pregnancy is all about. Mi back hurt, mi foot dem hurt and swollen. I'm already wearing flip flops around town because if Kwame aint around i cannot put my shoes or socks on. Mi pumpum hurt, mi lower back hurt and yuh know what? this is only the begining. Cause i'm sure over the next couple weeks the pain will only intensify. Laawd geezam pitymus crime, what am i going to do then people? Cause i'm already walking and holding up my vangina as if it's falling out and everyday Kwame only begging me to wait for mommy Smart. I'm like talk to yuh child dred, i'm not running things.

We won't even talk about the bathroom visits. That has become a normal part of my life, i can walk to and from the bathroom still asleep.

Looking forward to week 37...Baby will be full term and i can haul her ass out if i want to lol.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Changes :(

Couple days ago i stood infront the mirror looking at myself. I noticed some faint stretched marks and i thought to myself, cool they are faint, it's not that serious. I wanted to see what was going on on the other side (uder the belly) so i grabbed the hand held mirror. A tears fell from my eyes because i knew then, i'll never wear a 2 piece or a carnival costume ever again. By looking at it, i could tell it's going to be around my belly button. My sides will be ok, but if u know me i'm already self conscious about the stretch marks i have on my butt and nobody has ever seen me in bathing suit without a shorts over it. SO imagine now? lol. All i kept saying to my self was "thank god i wasn't stupid enought to get knocked up in my early 20's because all the therapy in this world couldn't help me". Honestly i can see why women get an abdominoplasty, not that i ever knock them for getting it or any surgery for that matter but this shit really plays on your selfesteem and your emotions. This isn't a small cahnge at all, for me it is HUGE. I am used to my body being one way and now i don't even want to imagine what it will look like after the belly goes down. Lets hope it nuh look like Freddy Crougars face all scared up, wrinkled up with flaps that can cover my face. That would be reason enough to fall into postpartum depression.

My Lesson for the day? Do not listen to the people who tell you "oh, if you don't see stretch marks by the end of month 6, that means you wont get em" ERRRRM, WRONG. Your belly grows rapidly within your last month of pregnancy, so it only makes sense that if you are going to get stretch marks that's when they will make themselves visible.

Lesson #2: No amount of bio oils, oils with vitamin E's, shea butters, cocoa butters gonna help yuh. If you were destined to have stretch marks you will get them. The oils and lotions only help with the itching and dryness, nothing else.

Sooo, word to the wise, if you know you got issues like me, i say the money you gonna use to pay a therapist, put it in a jar and call it the mommy sugery funds lmao.

Choosing The God Parents

I noticed as soon as i mentioned i was pregnant one of the first questions people would ask was "Who is the God mother", and up to this day people still ask. Of course these questions annoy me because here i am trying to get through my pregnancy in one piece and hoping that my child comes out with all her limbs attached and all they can focus on is who God mother going to be? Honestly, i haven't thought that far down the line. All i've been dreaming about is what she will look like, what she will sound like, will she chat nuff like Kwame? or will she be somewhat shy and quiet like me lol and more importantly will it really be a she? ha. Wouldn't that be something? People trust me i'm not being miserable and what not, it's just once you are in my shoes you will realize that certain things people focus on are just not important at the time. Of course finding God parents for the child is important but my thing is, she aint born yet. I have lots of time, the baby doesn't have to be baptized within the first 3 months or 6 months, shucks she could get baptized at age one if i so choose. This is a very important decision, so i'd rather not rush and regret it in the end.

The million and 10 questions prompted me to do a research on what a God parent really is cause to tell you the truth i really didn't know much about it. I do have 2 God children and sometimes i regret saying yes because i do not live in the same country as the children and i don't get the chance to chill with them and get to know them. Most people get in it for the hype..i think i did because i was young and i thought it was cool to be a God parent and i do not want to make the same mistake with my child. The information i came across was very helpful and by having conversations with Kwame we pretty much know what we are looking for in the person/s we choose as God Parent/s.

I liked this little outline of choosing a God Parent.

When you are having a baby, choosing a godparent for your child can be one of the most important tasks you undertake in these beginning days of your child’s life. Choosing a godparent should not be a popularity contest nor should you feel pressured to choose a family member simply because it is ‘their turn’ or because they are your brother or sister. A godparent is someone who promises to guide your child in his faith and help to raise him the way you wanted him raised in the event of your demise. It is a mistake to pick a godparent assuming that nothing will happen to you and it doesn’t really matter who you choose.

Never choose a friend to be a godparent unless you have no suitable family members. Friends often move on and lose touch and someone who you are no longer in contact with is not likely to come back into your child’s life simply because you are gone. Friends often don’t take the godparent role seriously. Choose someone in your family that you know will be a responsible and willing recipient of the honor. The godparent of your child should share your faith if possible, if they are to continue your child’s education and guidance after you are gone. It is difficult for someone to guide another person in something they are not familiar with.

Be sure your choice of godparent is aware of your wishes where your child is concerned. A godparent is not necessarily the person who your child is left to when you die, be clear about these things in your will. Try and keep your child familiar and close with his godparents so that he is comfortable receiving guidance from them if the need arises.

Always talk to your prospects before making a final decision, be sure they share your vision and also, be sure they are willing to take on the responsibility. It is not wrong to tell your candidates that you are still thinking about it and want to get some more information about how they think they would handle the situation. This is a serious decision and should be arrived at carefully and responsibly.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 35


YEAAAAAH, i'm moving on up, to the labour side, i'm moving on up, finally i'm coming closer to seeing my chiiild. Ha how yuh like mi remix? i know, i know i'm off the hook. LOL

So i've made some serious progress people. All the clothes and Blankies got washed. yeaaaa, I am FINISHED, FINITE, FINITO, badda bing, badda boom. I have 2 bins, one with clothes and the other with blankies for my mother to get her iron on. If you know me well enough, you will know that i am not great friends with the iron and ironing board. I hate ironing with a passion. Sometimes i feel the clothes come out looking worse after i is that bad. Some people asked why i need to iron the the baby stuff. For one they are all mashed up like crackers and 2 the lady offered so who am i to say no.

The baby's room? uhmmm, it's on the up on up. Kwame primed the walls so by this weekend i should be looking at a pink and brown room. HOPEFULLY.

Am i finished buying the important stuff? Oh helllz naa.
Car seat and stroller ( i did say buying a stroller is like buying a car..harrrd to choose)
Crib set and mattress ( ordering next week)
Crib bedding. ( uhmm i might have to change my mind on this whole hello kitty theme and settle for something else, dunno. We thought about driving to the border but i don't think i can sit in the car for such a long drive. I knew someone who was going but i just didn't trust them with my money. It's hard times u know people, i can't have people running away with money i don't have lol.

Those are the big items that we need to get. Working on em slowly but surely. people don't worry i can always kick kwame out he bed and have the baby sleep with me if her room aint ready. :)...easy and simple solution.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Labour & Delivery Class

Today i had my first "Labour and Delivery" class, also known as Lamaze class. I must tell you that i really wasn't feeling it. Not because i felt like i wouldn't learn anything new but at how much it costs ($90). I thought all these classes were included in the hospital registration cost. So you must know how pissed i was when the lady told me the one class cost that much money. Frig you'd think i'm some woman with no Canadian status at the amount of funds my broke ass had to fork up to these people. Sigh...anywho, last minute kwame paid for it cause i sure wasn't lol.

We went to the fist of 3 classes this evening and brought my pillow with me as i was told to do by the instructor.

*sidebar* Thank GOD Kwame was adament about going with me because i would have felt real out of place. I was the only black pepper among all the salts and brown sugars and it would have been even worse being the only woman there without a partner hmmmmmm.

The instructor was very funny and informative. Too much information if you asked me. The funniest part of the evening for me was when she decided to give a demonstration on various positions to give birth in. She got up on the table, layed flat on her back, legs wide open and started breathing hard and pushing...the funny part was she did this infront of a muslim couple and you should have seen the look on their faces, facking priceless hahahahaaaaaaaaa. She then squat infront of them, pushing and breathing haard, face all made up. Kwame was like but wah de ass? while i'm chuckling lol because i just couldn't keep my eyes off the couple. The lady didn't stop there either, she got on all 4's and wiggling her butt hahahahaaa, breathing, and pushing. I was like fadda God dis woman gone tru. Through all my chuckles and watching the couple i did get what she was trying to show us. The traditional missionary position is not conducive to quick and swift labour. Stooping/squating or being on all 4's are both great as gravity helps and being in those positions opens the pelvis even more and gives the baby more room to make her entrance.

People when you hear me say i'm cleaning or walking up and down please hush all yuh asses thank you very much because if i cock up everyday infront of my tv eating and getting fat i am PHUCKED, ROYALLY. Sitting down does not help, it makes pregnancy longer and delivery will also be longer. Walking and keeping active brings the baby down much faster and and it also prevents back labour. Back labour is when the hardest part of the baby's head is touching the hardest part of you pelvic bottom...Laawd i have to show allyuh visually. Explaining is hard. Bottom line is, get up off your asses and walk, cook, clean, do the things you normally do and life will be much easier in the birthing room. Another tip is to do at least 50 squats daily because it also help with opening up that pelvic is alll about that pelvic and cerivix region ladies and gentlemen. Lol i will obey all these lil exercising rules because i want to be as open as possible for that big head and shoulders.

Next, she talked about Keigel exercises, i'm quiet sure all of us knows what it is and how it's done (if you don't know, listen to the million and 10 dancehall songs telling the girls to quint it quint it or google). That was a next priceless moment with the Muslim lady hahahaha. Oh gosh and this woman kept talkin about clit this and clit that, she did not give 2 shit about the cultural differences in that room AT ALLLLL. I was a bit mortified when she told us that we would lose control of our bladder because our vaginal sphincter would wear out after the 2nd and 3rd child. Hence why we have to practice Keigels because it strengthens the vaginal muscles.

Each couple took turns in giving each other massages and learned how to breathe when in labour. I guess the only way to get quality massage from Kwame has to be in a "controlled" environment lol or away from the tv. I told her my back hurts at nights and finding a comfy position to sleep is hard. She stuffed pillows under my leg, belly and behind me as if it was some new and great idea she just came up with lol. I already do all that, it nuh help especially if i have to keep doing it every 20 minutes because i have to keep going to the blasted bathroom.

All in all the class was nothing spectacular, i still think i could do without it. I mean i'll have a nurse/midwife by my side when the big day comes and she coaches me on the phone each time we talk. A waste of money if u ask me.

Stay tuned for next week. We get to visit the birthing center.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Braxton Hicks

Braxton Hicks Contractions is also known as false contractions. According to physicians, Braxton Hicks starts at six weeks into pregnancy. Some people feel them that early and lucky ones like me start feeling them in the 3rd trimester. I remember scaring the girls the night before the shower lol, it was kind of funny. The pain isn't consistent it just hits once in a blue moon. It doesn't last long, neither is it anything for me to double over and holler about, but i can do without it, pain is pain. I don't need no flipping prepping, all dat i can do without. This thing is only scaring the heebie jeebies out of me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let The Count down Begin!!!!

I went from not really having a belly to having a water melon for a belly in the space of ONE WEEK. What is really going on here people? I am scared of what i'm going to look like in couple weeks.

Guess what? this past Thursday made 34 weeks. Whooohoooo, 6 more weeks to go. I am excited and scared. Scared because i doh have squat done and this child could come anytime she feels she is ready. As i said before i am moving in slow motion and there is nothing i can do about it because i lost control of my body the day i conceived.

I have 2 medium sized bins containing Clothes and blankets to be washed. I decided to get started on some of them today. I went out and bought my dettol and blue (a lil blue bar that u swish around in the water to rinse). I napped as usual and woke up at 3 pm. Put my mp3 cd in and got to working. I cleaned down the kitchen sinks with dettol and washed the stuff in there while i washed the bulky stuff in the machine....buuut not before cleaning down the machine and the dryer with dettol people. I also took it a little further by adding dettol to the wash. I got that nice baby scent. I pulled up the breakfast bar chair to the sink, sat on it and rocked out while washing the stuff.

After washing and drying, i folded the stuff neatly back into the bins. I feel soo great that i was able to stay focused and get a good amount of washing done. Now i'll take this bin to my mother's on Thursday for her to iron.

Oh by the way, we did get the paints, now all mr man has to do is get to painting.

6 more weeks to go Pressaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been slacking off i know. You guys just wouldn't understand. The pressure is on, not just with the time but my body is running in slow motion. All the weight is taking a toll on my back and the nights are getting harder. It is so hard finding a comfy position to sleep nowadays and it seems like each time i do i have to go to the bathroom.

*sidebar*: Are you guys even reading my damn blog or did you guys just make me create a blog for nothing?....I don't like talking to myself you know. Drop a note here and there to let me know that you guys are reading and i'm not just doing this for the people out there in cyberspace. Or else doh ask mi to do anything for allyuh eva again lol...ah serious and joking at the same time lmao.

The day after my shower, i had my appointment. You see it was supposed to be at 2pm but because i had asked my house guests if they wanted to tag along with me i had to change it to 9:30 am because according to one of them "she had a date". I woke up and got ready, i really didn't want to wake them up because they've had a rough couple of days. All i heard were foots steps coming up the stairs and they were like nope you are not leaving us, we are coming. They got ready and we headed to the appointment. My Dr. and i chatted for couple minutes then we headed to the examining room. I mentioned to him that the girls would like to hear the heart beat. Once he was through measuring me, he called them in to listen to the heart beat. The look on their faces were priceless.

We went back home on a mission to wake the other 2 up, as we were hungry and we wanted to go eat. Plus missy with the date was running a tight ship with the time. We ended up at Jackastors for brunch, had some laughs and good food. Rashida and i had to go to the bathroom and while we were there she said "if you want to see where i'm going you can come". Of course i said "YES", cause i'm fass right. We got back to the table and motioned to the Waiters, we got our ish together and Tamar asked me for the house keys as she had to take Alicia to the airport.

Off we were to only God knows where. Well Amanda and Shida knew but i had no clue. I was just enjoying the ride. We ended up downtown and parked. We walked towards the Royal york Hotel....uhmmm we were going to the RYH. LOl. I was like what we doing here....hold up who do you know here?...Which rich man you find that is staying up in here? lol. They payed me no attention. Once we ended up in the underground pathway (u guys should check it out, beautiful down there) i was alittle lost. I suddenly realised that we were not visiting anyone. We ended up at a spa and i said to myself oh, ok she's getting a massage. I then heard, "reservations for Orica Williams, Amanda Job and Rashida Drinks". I was like EH? lol. I was shocked. I then started asking questions like, what if i had decided to go to the airport to see Bird off? They were like we were going to do everything in our power to get you in that's a good thing yuh nosey lol.

I was being treated to a spa ya'll. Damn as if they didn't do enough for me the day before. We robbed up and got a pedicure then off to our separate rooms to get our massages. Mine had to be special cause you know i'm a special case. NO people, there wasn't a big hole in the middle of the massage bed to fit my belly. I had to take turns lying on each side, then on my back for 10 mins. Oh, my body soooo needed that session. Had i been on my back for the whole session, i would have knocked out for sure.

I swear they don't know how grateful i am....words or gifts just wouldn't cover it.

Thank you ladies.....from the catacombs of my heart (LMFAO) i am truely, truely Thankful, Grateful and thankful for a wonderful day.

PS...i think i could use one more of that spa day cause mi back, mi back, mi back, mi blurt naaaawt back. It is killing me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Showers of Love and Blessings

Happy shower dayyy, was my greeting with a nicely rolled diaper with a pink bow tied around it. Everyone was hustling and bustling. Alicia and i just sat around and watched while keeping an eye on the clock as i had a appointment at 1pm. I had to go and prettify miself at M.A.C. If you've been through pregnancy before i'm sure you know how drained and run down a person can look. I wasn't having that crap. Nope, i had to look swanky from head to toe my people. I went back to the mall AGAIN with my head looking like a crazy woman, got my make up done and did some running around with Kwame. We reached back home and i got myself dressed......when i was all put together i burst out in song...."i feel pretttyyyy, i feeel prettty and wittty and gaaaay" lol, that is my song right thur.

Now, we were all ready and we headed to the location. When we walked in, the people all clapped lol, it felt so wedding receptionish. I walked around and hugged and thanked everyone for coming. OMG guys, let me tell you about the room. The girls did an AMAZING job. I have never been to a baby shower so posh lol, for real. The girls made a cake out of diapers, it served as the big center piece. The other center pieces were rolled up diapers wrapped in pink and brown bow ties. It was all too beautiful. The food was amazing, god bless mi uncle for that coconut shrimp, it was Banging. The games were fun and the people seemed to enjoyed playing them. The music was nice and easy going. I loved every minute of it. They gifts were awesome, i got everything i wanted from my registery....well almost and up to this day i'm in awe at how much we are loved. We really do have great people around us.

Of course my day didn't go off without a glitch, but i've decided not to focus my energy on the negative. I'm truely thankful for the people i call friends and events like these is when we find out who is really down for us. If my eyes were not open before now it is.

Again, thanks to my N.A.Ps planning committee; Rashida, Amanda and Tamar and the lovely people who contributed their time; Alisa, Uncle T, Lucretia, Amanda's mommy, daddy And Kwame. Ohhh and Chris for providing the people with some nice music and last but not least picture man Neddy Nyce. Neddy did a wonderful job with the pictures. I cannot forget my friends who traveled from, Houston and New york to share this moment with me and also the ones who were planning to attend but couldn't. I also thank them for the gifts they sent in their absents. I love you guys to infinity and thanks for loving me back.


Whooohoooo, one mo day before the big day.

So, i did get some sleep, BUT, my chiney bumps were too tight so i didn't get to enjoy it but i was satisfied with the little i got. Everyone was busy running around doing their thing. I rested a little big more and waited till about 4pm to go to the mall. I had to get my eye brows done and picked up a few things. I wrote my list cause people, nowdays my brain bad, bad, baaaaad. I cannot remember anything to save myself. At times i feel like i'm being hit with early Alzheimers, true ting.

Tamar and i went to the mall and yup i went with the big bumps in my head and felt nooo ways about it either. Of course the white folks thought it was gorgeous and the black ones kept looking at me as if i were some mad woman that got away from Bellevue. I didn't pay them too much attention cause i was on a mission, get eye brows done, find a cardigan for my dress and find Kwame something to wear. Yup, he trusted me to buy him clothes, not that he's some picky person cause if you know Kwame, he is far from picky when it comes to dressing. His fave is jeans with Football (soccer) jersey's. So, i was all too happy to buy him something. We got everything we needed and left the mall but not before making a quick stop at the grocery store. We went home and there were more people in the house. Amanda and Rashida, heeeeeey. I was soo happy to see the girlies. We cooked, ate and drink ( juice for me). Kwame had couple friends over and my other cousin Lucretia came over so it was non stop chatting, drinking, music and laughing. Finally some of the chics ditched me and went downstairs to do whatever it was they were doing and they made it very clear that i wasn't allowed down their. MEANIES.

Alicia and i chilled with Kwame and the others untill i couldn't take it anymore and went off to bed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A hot mess of a day. Tired, but couldn't sleep. I had all kind of crazy things going on in my head plus i was excited about the weekend. MY SHOWER!!!. I washed my hair, twist and chiney bump for curls (damn dem lil shits hurt). I then decided to finish setting up the rooms for the girls and relax. Again i tried to fall asleep but maan i just couldn't and to add to the madness, i had a crazy hair do that didn't help the situation.

I prepared some dinner and waited patiently for my lil Hummingbird to show up. She did with a friend and we all limed and drink, (sparkling grape juice for me). Damn they even made me feel special and included me while they took shots. Aint nothing like flinging back shots of Sparkling Grape juice, for a minute i thought i was getting tipsy, lol.

Shortly after that i went to bed with some hope of getting some sleep.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thursday Night

Thursday night was a pretty strange night. You'd think i'd be able to sleep because the man was back in the country. Naaa. Not at all. I just couldn't sleep for the life of me and i kept going to the bathroom every 15 minutes, which was getting annoying. Now, imagine sleep kicking your ass right, and each time your eyes close you have to get up to pee pee. Lol, you know your homegirl started to cry right?. This burst of emotion came over me and i couldn't help it anymore and just let the tears flow. First it was sniffles cause i didn't want to wake kwame up and then i couldn't help it anymore i just let it all out. Lol, while i was crying i kept saying, sorry, i'm sorry lmao i swear someone gave me some kind of drug to make me act crazy.

I think for the first time it actually hit me. I'm going to be a mother!!! and the fact that i have 8 more weeks to go and nothing done just made it worse. Room not painted, still stalling on ordering the crib, I have a whole lot of rinsing baby clothes and stuff to do, laawd have mercy, just about everything so i panicked and cried. I got out the bed and went down stairs to wactch some television hoping that i would fall asleep. YEAH right, that didn't happen. A whole new something came up and i just started to cry even more lol. When i noticed it was 6:30 i started to make some cornmeal porridge as i was getting hungry. Even in the drama i gotz to feed myself HA. I went back to bed at 7 am and i got a bit of sleep but not too much.

Monday, February 23, 2009

An Afternoon Well Spent

Today was a beautiful day. Not weather wise, it was forking cold outside, i'm not sure who told me to go outside without wearing a tights under the jeans. Steups, getting fed up of this bleeding place right about now.

Yeah, so besides the -4 degrees with a wind chill of -18, i still managed to wobble my humpty dumpty self to the mall to get my facial. Of course i was late, i really wouldn't me if i wasn't now would i?. For some weird reason i was walking around the mall in circles looking for Yves Rocher and it's not like i haven't been there before. The place just looked different from all the renovations. Alll dat reno and still crappy stores, just wutless i tell ya. Allas i found it and the lady was waiting patiently for me. She was cool not like she could start without me anyway lol. First i had to take a wee wee cause you know how it is, i just cannot control my bladder, not for shyte. I went in the room and prepared myself and i also brought a pillow from home for my back. She really made me comfortable by putting the table up a little bit. She did a good job with my face and she even exfoliated and massaged my hands before putting them into a plastic bag then this glove that produces heat. It felt NOOOOICE. I wasn't too pleased when we got to the extractions because it hurts like hell but all i kept thinking was girl, relax yourself in 8 weeks you'll be feeling pain much worse than this. It didn't work because i cannot see pass any kind of pain. I tried falling asleep but i couldn't although i reallly wanted to. I wasn't comfortable. I was beginning to to feel light headed and my back really hurt, i learned why i shouldn't be on my back for too long. Patricia (that is the lady's name) came back just in time to adjust the table and i felt better. She did a good job, i cannot stop feeling my face. It feels like a babies bottom nice and soft. I made her a deal that i would get a deep cleansing every 3 months and of course she wanted to see my belly and according to her my belly is low so it must be a boy lol.

We shall see.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Looking Pregnant

I'm beginning to look pregnant. My face looks like someone pumped it up with a bicycle pump, it is just ROUND like a bulla cake. Shoot even my knee caps are fat. When i stand up and look down all i see is this excess fat around my knee cap. It's weird how i gain weight, my legs are still skinny, my arms are fat, fat faced and that is about it. All the food goes to the child and my hair. I wobble, when i walk i get this picture of a duck in my head lol and wonder if people are looking at me weird.

I try very hard not to watch the varicose veins taking up residency on my legs because if i do i know i wouldn't be a happy camper and i'd start being all self conscious. Ooooh, totally unrelated but i noticed 2 grey hairs in my head and i was like golly they couldn't have waited untill the baby gets here? At least i'd have someone to blame them on. steeeeeeeeeeeups

I'm In Love

With whom you ask?
Uhmmm *pulls fingers*....*mumbles under breath* de postman... Yes de post man!!!! Kwame nuh feel ways, i wont give im non lol. He is tall dark and handsome but that aint the reason why i'm inlove with him. He brings me gifts, uh huh and i don't mean junk mails and bills yuh know. Real gifts and he's been bringing me gifts since the end of Janauary. I have to run down the stairs at least once a week screaming "i'm comingggg, i'm coming" but once i see him standing there with the box in his hand a big smile takes over my face, doh mind that some of the times my face aint clean cause half the time i run out the bed with pajama pants in hand lol. Gosh i like de dude but why so early in de blinking morning?. He always apoligizes for waking me up so early though.

Being at home everyday by myself, there is no greater feeling than receiving gifts in the mail it just makes me realize how much i'm loved and that there are people out there who are thinking about me and my unborn child. They know they wouldn't make it to the shower but they still took the time out to send something, i am realllly grateful.

Trish, thank you very much for making me cry so early in the morning and no, i know for a fact that i would've cried regardless so doh blame de hormones lol. You really didn't have to do what you did, that's what brought me to tears.

People i haven't bought a thing, well a pack of onsies which Kwame buff mi up for and Amanda made me promise not to buy anything untill after the shower (i'm still in awe at the fact that i've been obedient). As i was saying, i haven't bought anything and i have a rubbermaid bin and a medium sized box with baby stuff sitting in my living room. With all that said, can you really blame a girl for shedding a tear or 2 once in a blue? After all they are happy tears and i love the mail man for helping to put a smile on my face by delivering them to me.

Baby Shower Mode

I'm so excited and i just can't hide iiiittttt.

it's funny how i'm not too too excited about the day of the shower, only Friday and Saturday cause that is when my peeps gets in. I get to have almost all of my favourite people in once place(plus Juniors Cheesecake lol). I miss the laughter (to tears), the food we cook and just liming. Too bad, i will only be able to smell the dumplin sauce this time, not even a taste test sigh.....sings, "rum oyyeeee, weh yuh deh".

While the ladies are doing their "Top Secret" shower planning. I have plans of my own too, shiiieeeet. I'm a get my hur did, my claws cut and filed down cause i bought a new pair of shoes and i would hate to put a hole in them. Get a deep cleanse facial as my face looks like i've aged couple years, which aint so bad cause people think i'm 22 so looking 25 at 29 aint bad at all.

Talking about new shoes. I also got a new frock, it look nice yuh si, I cannot wait to put the whole outfit together and my findings didn't make me think about breaking a bank or anything. God bless internet shopping, i doh think retail stores in Toronto will be seeing me for a while cause maaan, the deals i found online were toooo good. I also found my favourite shoe store online. As if i'm not already a shoes junkie, i dunno whats gonna happen now that i found that place.

My homie Alisa dyed my hair yesterday, i was going to pay the hair dresser to do my hair but i was like FOR WHAT? i can style my hair myself, i'm just damned lazy, so i decided to do mi hair myself. I just have to get some sponge curlers and twist the new growth and voila on Sunday i'll be the black Shirly Temple, rocking my nice black curls hehehe.

Oh, so you think i'm stopping at getting a facial, pedicure and fixing my hair? Nooo, sorry Bob. As if you didn't hear me when i said i have a permanent tired look on my face or what?. I made an appointment at M.A.C cause i want to look nice and refreshed on Sunday plus show dem seh hot gyal still deh i'm a mess i know lol. Seriously though, i cannot let the people see me looking a mess so i gotz ta look gooooood.

Tomorrow the prettifying starts.

Pregnancy Bliss

You guys have heard my many complaints but honeslty guys this pregnancy thing is not so bad at all. It's just like everything in life, the good comes with the bad. I thank God though that i have had more good than bad. Personally, think it is fun, specially over the past couple weeks. I might complain that i am wearing exhaustion on my face and that body parts hurt but honestly i am enjoying this. Sometimes i cannot believe that i love someone soo much and i have never met them. If i love her off so much now, imagine when she gets here and when she smiles at me? (u know i just shed a tear right? Stinkin hormones i tell ya).

Not only is it amazing to watch my body transform but it is also awesome when i feel movements in my belly and the way the baby reacts to certain noise. I watched my belly go from a pancake to an oversized breadfruit (if u don't know what a breadfruit is, google is yuh friend lol). I have also graduated from the Itty Bitty Committee lol, i have boobies now. The interesting part is what they will look like after breast feeding. I've already decided to put away some silicone funds cause i know for a fact that cannot live with deflated balloons as breast.

The lil girl is getting stronger and i can tell she is quickly outgrowing her space so much so that when she moves my belly moves from side to side and i can see lil body parts sticking out. I love when her body parts stick out lol we play hide and go seek, i'll feel the area and she disappears and go somewhere else and so on and so on. I'm a nerd you might be saying but i find it fun and i'll sit there and laugh too, uh huh lol. She is really active when i play certain music (nope she doesn't act wild when i play vivaldi she is at peace then) and when i am in the bathtub she goes crazy when the water is running( uhmm does dat mean she fraid a wata or she likes the sound? lmao), Sometimes i know when she is stretching cause my belly gets hards and stuff sticking out everywhere and it HURTS. I'm like laawd i know space is limited but have a likkle bit of consideration pon your madda nuh man? Along with her growth comes exhaustion, makes it even harder cause i'm a little person carrying a belly so i am forever drained and sleeping. Sometimes i feel absolutely lazy and worthless cause i will wake up and do nothing for the day cause all i'm doing is sleeping. Do you remember that big basement project i was going on about, well that got flushed down the toilette. I have to save all my energy cause only God knows that i need it nowadays.

All in all, i am totally enjoying my pregnancy and if you know me, i'm laughing as usual and not a complaint. I think Kwame only heard me complain once and he was like WOW, you must be feeling stuff cause i've never seen you this miserable. That lasted couple hours and i was back to being me. At this point i just want to see the chic and hear her lil cry. Sigh.....32 weeks on Thursday, 8 more to go.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maternity Clothes?

I have always hated the thought of wearing maternity clothes. All i could picture in my head are those ladies with those ugly looking frocks or some pants that has no shape to them. I keep hearing that they have fashionable stuff now and blah blah blah. I honestly thought that i could avoid those stores throughout my pregnancy but guess wha? na uh. This morning was a wake up call for me. You see, for the past couple months i've been juicing these 2 jeans. They were somewhat loose before and they are low rise. They were getting tight and up to last week i could still wear them and button them. This morning however was a different story. I had an appointment and i pulled for one of the jeans and to my flicking surpise the jean could barely go over my butt.

*Side bar* Do you guys know how long i've been writing this one post? lol. Seriously i started this the first week of Feb. Shameful, and to de people who keep threatening mi, easy nuh man, do you know how much work it is to make a beautiful princess? NUFF NUFF WORK.

I think i hate the malls in the Scarborough area. They are obsolutely worthless. Big Scarborough Town Center and not even one kakahole Maternity store. Can you beleive that shit? Sears didn't have any either and the Bay has some but the ones that i was always afraid of. Elastic waist slinky looking material pants and these tops that looks like stuff i would find in grandma's closet. I mean not because i'm pregnant doesn't mean i'm unattractive and i should dress as such, i think they are very rude and out of order and they should not be allowed to carry such ugly maternity clothes in their stores.....It is a big INSULT, and i also think i am going to file a complaint or sue somebody for trying to make me look fat and ugly during my pregnancy. I mean if an obese person can sue McDonalds why can't i sue Sears or the Bay for making me look unattractive in those ghastly looking clothes they are selling for an arm and a leg?

Anyways. Last week i went to Yorkdale Mall, the best Mall in Toronto and i entered the mall guess what i spotted? THYME MATERNITY SHOP!! They had variety; low rise, high waist, even jeans that i can wear after birth, some had elastics and some had regular waist. Now that is what i'm talking about. They also had nice sweaters and blouses. I wasn't impressed with their bra collection though, i thought they looked grandma-ish. Lol, am i asking for too much here? I got a nice dark jean and i was off. STOP DE PRESS!!!, did you guys know Old Navy has a maternity section? I almost kicked myself when i found out because i could have gotten 2 nice jeans for the price i paid for the 1 jean. I was a bit cheesed but not for too long cause i'm quiet sure i'll remember when i need 1 or 2 more in my eigth month, which starts on Thursday. Almost there. I cyaaaan waiiiiit.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lawd ah Tired

Does anybody want to help me carry my load? ANYBODY...SOMEBODY????....Please, i am begging. The hill is getting a bit steep and i am starting to struggle a bit. Lmao, i so wish i could take off the belly and give it to someone else for juuust a likkle bit. My back hurts, my rib cage hurts, my nose is stuffy, and i am starting to struggle to breathe. My bladder is working overtime and since my sex drive decided to take a vacation my vangina also decided to tek weh harself sloooowly (which probably means mi man horning mi, after all he is a Trickadadian). I haven't seen her in a couple months now i hope they are both having a good time where ever they are.

Maan, i think i have dropsy all over again. Saturday i slept the whooooole day away, can you beleive that ish?. My poor little cousin who has been begging for a one on one for the longest time basically sat beside me on the floor and watched her family channel all day while i slept lol. Damn shame. I finally decided to wake up at 4 and cooked us dinner. We ate, showered and bought a movie from Rogers on Demand and that was our day. BORINNNNNG. Dred, i really wanted to take her to the malll or something but maaan, i just couldn't fight that laziness it was too strong.

They say it gets worse as the months go by. ELEVEN more weeks till NYE NYE, WHO HOOOOOOOO.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pregnancy Myths

I know we have all heard the many myths of pregnancy, especially if you are West Indian.

Feel free to add some of the crazy things you have heard.

  1. A low Belly means it's a boy
  2. (A high belly means it is a girl
  3. If it's a pointy belly it is a boy
  4. If it's round its a girl
  5. Having Acne means it is a girl
  6. The dark cirle under the eyes or around the nose means it is a girl
  7. Horrible morning sickeness is a boy
  8. back pain means it's a boy
  9. You cannot go to a funeral or view a dead person when pregnant I not sure what happens if you do)
  10. Excessive heart burn means the baby has a lot of hair on the head
  11. If your skin complexion gets dark that means the baby will be brown in complexion
  12. Drinking certain bush tea or drinking cornmeal porrdidge will make the baby skin nice and smooth (lol, this one is courtesy of mi madda, lord bless her heart lol.)
  13. The umbilical cord can wrap around the babies neck if you cross your legs. ( well yes, i think this one takes the cake. Can you believe the girl tried to argue me down when i told her it was scientifically imposible). She said that's what they beleive in Guyana....hmmmmmmmm. I'll be nice to the Guyanese today lol.

I can't remember what they said about the nose spreading and the elephantitis and so on. Only God knows how the people come up with some of these things. I was trying to aim for 15 but i got stuck. As i said before ADD to mi list.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Better Explanation of RH- Pregnancy

I am quiet sure i confused some of you with the whole RH ting, so here is a blurb on it.

We don't often give much thought to the blood work of early pregnancy. Many of us never hear another word about those droplets given in the early weeks. However, one of the tests performed with this blood is a blood type and factor screening.

In addition to the blood group (A, B, O, AB), the Rh factor is written as either positive (present) or negative (absent). Most people are Rh positive. This factor does not effect your health except during pregnancy.

A woman is at risk when she has a negative Rh factor and her partner has a positive Rh factor. This combination can produce a child who is Rh positive. While the mother's and baby's blood systems are separate there are times when the blood from the baby can enter into the mother's system. This can cause the mother to create antibodies against the Rh factor, thus treating an Rh positive baby like an intruder in her body. If this happens the mother is said to be sensitized.
A sensitized mother's body will make antibodies. These antibodies will then attack an Rh positive baby's blood, causing it to breaking down the red blood cells of the baby and anemia will develop. In severe cases this hemolytic disease can cause illness, brain damage and even death.

Sensitization can also occur during a blood transfusion, miscarriage, abortion, ectopic pregnancy and even during some procedures, like amniocentesis. Since the antibodies do not disappear and rarely cause a problem in first pregnancies, it is very important to be screened thoroughly and give an accurate medical history to your doctor or midwife.
The Good News

Hemolytic disease can be prevented for many women, if they are not already sensitized. Rh immunoglobulin (RhIg) is a blood product given via injection to help the Rh negative mother by suppressing her ability to react to the Rh positive red cells. Reactions to the medication are generally minor, including soreness at the injection sight and sometimes a slight fever.

Since a small number of unsensitized women may have problems with the end of pregnancy, many practitioners recommend that she be given an injection of RhIg (also known as Rhogam) at 28 weeks gestation, to prevent the few cases of sensitization that occur at the end of pregnancy. Each dose of RhIg lasts about 12 weeks. The mother will also be given RhIg within 72 hours of birth if the child is Rh positive. The baby's blood type can be determined easily after birth by cord blood samples.

RhIg may also be given after an amniocentesis, miscarriage, abortion or postpartum sterilization (tubal ligation).
Hemolytic Disease
There are about 5,000 cases of hemolytic disease that will occur each year. A mother who is Rh sensitized will be screened throughout her pregnancy to see if the baby has hemolytic disease. Some babies who have hemolytic disease will have uncomplicated pregnancies and be born at a normal gestation. Other babies will suffer severely and require the birth to be done earlier. Blood transfusions can be given both before and after birth for these severely affected infants.
If you have questions about the Rh factor or whether or not you are in this group of women, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or midwife for the results of your blood work.

Tests and More TESTS

The things the Doctors make us go through. On Wednesday i had to visit the hospital to do my diabetes screening test. This test tells them how my body obsorbs sugar. The first thing i noticed on the sheet was, DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO EAT AFTER 12pm. I was like laawd jeezas, dem trying to kill mi off or something?. How dem gonna tell a pregnant woman she cannot eat? i started thinking how much my head was gonna hurt and how my belly would embarrass mi by cussing mi out loudly in the people dem place.

The thing about this test is, i had to get my blood drawn first, then drink glucose, which tasted obsolutely horrible, YUKKKK. It was extra FIZZY and Sweet and just had this horrible taste to it. Can you imagine the first thing dem give mi so bright and early in the morning was some taste bad drinks? Steeeeeups. After forcing myself to drink that bottle of nastiness i had to sit around and wait for a hour for a next blood test. Thank God i brought a book with me or else it would have been the longest wait of my life. The lab tech took my blood and i had to go back to the 2nd floor ( maternity floor) to get my shot.

You see, when you go to your first OBGYN appointment, they will have you do these test and one of them tells you your blood type. This is really important cause your blood type plays a big roll. I didn't know all this untill i was told i'm O-. This means, if Kwame's blood type is positive so is the "Queen Mother's". The "queen mother" is not in harms way but the future babies would be if this goes untreated. What would happen is, should the baby get a bruise while making her grand intrance into this world, her blood would get into my system and my body would detect it as foreign, develop antibodies right away and distroy it. If this goes untreated, my future babies could be brained damage because of anemia or worse dies. SOOOOO i have to get a Rhogam (Rh immuno globulin) shot, right on the butt cheek. This was my first ever butt shot and i must say it wasn't bad at all. This Rhogam shot isn't my last one, i have to get one 72 hours after delivery and the baby will also get tested to see if she has a positive or negative blood type.

I think they were wicked to send me to triage department lol. I had to sit and watch the women twisting up there bodies in all kind alphabetical letters cause they were in serious pain. It was fun hearing the many babies heart beats. But maaan it was nice hearing the screams when the labour pains lick de women. I guess the nurse saw the horrific look on my face and she smile and said " u are next" lol. In my head i was like you people might want to kick me out on the street when the pain hits me and whatever drugs i ask for at the time you would gladly give it with no hesitation lol.

I was soooo happy to bounce on out of there cause laawd geez man de oman dem face didn't look propah at alllll when de pain was kicking their asses.

Guys, i am terrified. I scurrred bad, bad badddddd.

Ortho Visit

Monday i visited the orthodontist. Sigh, i cannot wait to get these damned things off my teeth. I am tired of eating on one side. I swear i have mastered the art of eating on my front teeth. The worse part about it is when i accidently chew on the side that is being worked on, it friggin hurts to the point i just want to dash weh the food. The good thing about it though, i can see the progress and i am extemely hopeful that they will come off at the end of the year. I don't think i want to be caught with braces on my 2nd 29th birthday, it just wouldn't be right lol.

LOl, i think 2008 was breeding season. First my hygenist revealed to me that she is pregnant and due in May. This visit, she tells me the whole office breeding, i was like what the hell? She says it must be the water, i had to let her know that i doh drink water, my water has to have colour in it and smells like rubbing alcohol or something stronger than that. I know, i know, i'm a rum head. Sigh, I cannot wait to taste rum on my tongue.

I'm Baaaaack

Unuh miss mi?

I know some of you did, messaging me to write more and all ah ask mi wah mi ah deal wid as if i'm not allowed to take a break lol.

I had the flu guys. The first time in my life i've had the flu and wasn't drunk. I could not beleive it. Dat is a sin if you ask me. I couldn't even get high off the Robitussin like i usually do, this pregnancy ting is flopping my need to get high and drunk, it nuh nice. I had to suffer, head was pounding and there was not one shitting ting i could do but pop 1 single likkle regular strength Tylenol. What the hell is that? that crap did nothing for me. Uhmm before all the know it all's come in here and start to shake head at me taking Tylenol, i can take Tylenol. I just cannot take advil or aspirins as they are blood thinners. GO read bout it before unuh jump down my throat.

So yes man, all i did was wrap up in bed all day, vicks up, drink soup and sleep it off. Talking about soup. Do you guys drink Lipton noodle soup when you are sick? After drinking it don't you feel 100% better after? I think they put some kind of drugs in dem soups, i am convinced.

I'm not even surprised that i caught the flu because Toronto is just all over the place with their weather. Plus i did tell you guys that a furnace was miraculously placed in my body so even when its freezing out i'm hot and sweating as if i'm running a friggin marathon lol. For this reason and this reason only, all my babies will be spring babies. I'll make sure of it lol.

Speaking of cold and feeling hot. Ihave a friend who is also pregnant and we email each other pretty often sharing our experiences. Amanda, i know you think i was weird and u laughed at me when i told you that i sneeze when i'm hungry, but sista fren says when it's cold outside her nipples tingle and feels as if they are on fire lol. I burst out laughing while i was reading the email.

I haven't been up to much. The "project" is on back burner for the rest of the week. I'm still resting. I went to my friends baby shower last Saturday, was a cool event. We went couple hours before the shower to get the gift. Wutless i know, allyuh doh do dat to mi pleassse lol, cause some of the stuff has to come from the warehouse so take your tails to the place days before THANKS VERY MUCH lol.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Regular Day with a Twist

I was too tired last night to sit with this laptop and and typed about my day. I feel like i was at a rave or something. Mi feel MASH up, frass, done out, beat out.

Yesterday i woke up when Mr. man was going to work, we chatted untill he was off and i didn't have the balls to go back to sleep. So i brushed my teeth and made some breakfast and watched CNN murder the inauguration over and over and over again. I watched anyway cause it was still exciting. As usual i made my play list of the music i was feeling to listen to for the day and made myself a crazy mix of tunes. Honestly i think i'm the only person that could listen to it lol. It's just a cd filled with random tunes. I LOVE IT. I was missing, Rashida and went in search for her on gmail and VOILA, there she was and we chatted for a bit before i went upstairs.

Upstairs i went, but not before loading the cd changer though. I finished up the "office"and i threw away a garbage bag of papers. I know you are reading and let me repeat " I DID NOT THROW ANYTHING OF YOURS AWAY". I just had to make that clear, cause as soon as something of his goes missing he will blame me. I'm telling you, i really burst some sweat yesterday you know. I must have walked up and down those stairs about 10 times and this house is filled with stairs. I had some books in the basement and i took my time carrying them up untill i was all done and now the office looks like an office. Thanks to me.

I was thinking about doing some squats and ting but i was like woman, is yuh crazy or what?. As if walking up on down those wicked stairs wasn't exercise enough for 1 day. I know i burnt a whoooooole lot of calories plus some and i can feel the effects of all the walking in my butt and thighs today. That means i did something right.

According to me i'll work like dem cuntry women, up to the day i give birth lol (we'll see about that). It will be a little different cause aint no rivers to wash clothes in here in canada and i doh have to go to the bush to find fire wood to cook mi dinner. No water holes go go and get a bucket of water to drink or to cook food. However i will find things to keep me sane and active. Dem cuntry oman real tuff and trong (strong) yuh know. Some of dem will be outside feeling contractions in their asses and still scrubing clothes and you wouldn't even know the baby coming untill they can't take it anymore. My aunt had a baby in the next room while i was home sick one day and i didn't even know untill i heard a baby scream. I jumped out the bed cause i wanted to know where the puss noise was coming from. Uhmm the older ladies kicked me out the room and slammed the door in my face, damn out of order lol. Now i look back at it and its amazing that i did not hear a peep from my aunt. Maaan, if that was me dem would hear my mouth all de way ah Negril and that's half an hour drive away from where i lived.

Since last week Mr. Man says we should start going out again, seriously we do nothing and we are fine with it. If he should ask if i want to do something, i'll just say no lets go get a movie. BORINNG, i know but that is just me and he is pretty much the same. Anyway, i asked what we were doing and he said he doh know yet, we'll do anything, just jump in the car and just go. I'm not picky so i said kool with me. He told me to get ready by 6pm. I was fully dressed you know but i wanted to eat something before i go so you know the man had to come in the house and wait for me lol. I just can't never be on time, sad. While we were driving i asked him where we were headed. He said most likely downtown. I was like ok. He asked if i still wanted to see Dirty Dancing. i was a little suspicious when he mentioned Dirty Dancing and i asked if he boughttickets, he said no. He also mentioned that Batman is out on IMAX and i was equally excited to see it. He said ok let's go and try to see if we can get a ticket for Dirty Dancing. We listened to music and chat and laugh. When we reached downtown we parked underground. When we exited the elevator we were standing in the Princess of Whales Theatre where The Sound of Music is running. He asked if i wanted to check out The Sound of Music instead, i thought for a moment then shook my head no. When we exited the building to walk to the Royal Alexandria Theatre, i suddenly had a change of heart. We turned back to see if tickets were still available for The Sound of Music and there were. The ticket agent quoted the price and Kwame was like ok, we'll be back in a minute, we'll see how much the other one cost firts. When we arrived at the Royal Alexndria all i heard was " Kwame Smart". I turned around with this big kid smile on my face saying, i knew it, i knew you bought the tickets lol. He got me gooooood ya'll. Apparantly when i had my little change of heart he was shitting bricks and wondering how he was going to play it off lol. The Show was GREAT. If you are lover of the movie, you will love it onstage. Nobody puts my baby in a corner, heheheeeee.

Sitting for so long was hard though, i really felt it in my back and my rib cage. It was just uncomfortable. I found myself struggling to keep the giggles in because this baby was just hilarious during the show. It's like she heard music and she just leggo lol. She was beating on my belly sooo hard it was moving, i could see little pokes here and there. I was like aaw baby enjoying herself too. It was a fun night, We Will Rock You is next. HEHEHE.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Email to the Girls

I had to post this, after all it was what really prompted the blog. According to them they were in stitches.

Hi Ladies,

I hope the new year is treating you well. As for the I and I? I'm good and blessed.

Last week i started my practicum at a walk in clinic. Jah know at the end of the day my ass cheeks hurt so bad. I haven't walked that much in sooo long. My bad ankle is still sore and my back was killing me. 1 more week to go. It was horrible but i survived it. All i kept saying was pregnancy should be a disability lol.

Before i start, can i vent for a bit?. I am sick and tired of these marraige/ring happy facking people asking me when i'm getting married or if i got a ring yet. ARGGHHHHHH, Marraige isn't the end all or be all, i am happy, FANTASTICO. We are a family married or not so not sure why the people getting shit twisted as if you have to be married to be a family. We will get married when wi good and ready. Ask mi if the baby will have a roof over her head, how the bills getting paid, if i have food in my fridge or something that is on the higher archy of needs but please stop asking me about things that are really not important right now. Besides we doh have money to be feeding people for free unless dem want eat dry bun and cheese with sugar and water at the reception. WOOOOOSAAAAAAAH.

Ok now that i got that off my chest let me fill you all in on the things people do not tell you about being pregnant. Cause most people just focus on the labour or the morning sicknesses. People this is my 25th week going on 26th, on the 29th will be 28 weeks. SEVEN (7) flickin months. (Jazzy, i'm finally catching on to the weeks and months). Wednesday will be my last day riding in the second trimester car. It was a smoothe ride but i gotta move on to hopefully an even smoother ride.

(1) They do not tell you that your belly itches constantly. I have all kinds of oils; bio oil, baby oil, shea butter and i am always lathering my belly cause i don't want to be scratching.

(2) They do not tell you that a furnice is miraculously placed inside your body and no matter how cold it is outside, you are HOT!!!!

(3) They definately do not tell you that inside your abdomen could be sooooo sore because your belly is stretching.

(4) AND dem damn lie when they say you become more sexual during your second and third trimester. DAMN LIES lol, well in my case it is a LIE.

(5) They didn't tell me that it's ok if the baby isn't always active. For 2 days i was going crazy thinking something is wrong with this child cause she was not moving or atleast i couldn't feel her. The doctor says it's normal. Well you know i buff up the child and tell her doh eva do such chupidness again cause i cannot deal with it. I guess she is a good listener cause now she kicks all over and HARDER, even places i didn't think she could reach. What a spiteful likkle girl.

My little cousins can feel the kicks and Kwame, mr "i have no feelings", still cannot. So i stop calling him to feel. I just sit there and enjoy the craziness all by myself.

Oh, i am weighing a WHOPPING 141 LBS. Can you beleive that ish? I must be the most happiest fat girl EVER. I don't know where the food is going. Must be in my hair and butt cause i am still small. The best part is i'm still getting macked. Then again they only see me when i'm wearing scrubs and my bump isn't noticeable. It still feels good though lol. Besides all that, nothing else is happening, this weekend coming up we are going to look at furnitures, strollers and car seats, create a registery at Sears and buy some little stuff for myself. I keep forgetting i have to buy things for myself. Things like; Breast pads, nursing bra's and night gowns for the hospital. Those things sound so foreign to me lol.

Well that's all she wrote folks. Untill next time. P.S. i'll take pics next weekend, feeling too tired and lazy right now. tek care, walk good and stay blessed.

Lol, that was like 2 weeks ago and dem still didn't get the pics yet. Hahahahaaaaaaaa. Dem gonna kill meeeeee.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day to Remember

Today was a bit of an emotional day for me as i watched a man of my hue become the most powerful man in the world. The President of the United States of America!!!!. Can you believe that? I've watched couple movies/tv shows with black presidents and always say to myself, not in this life time. Boy did Obama prove me wrong.

This morning i woke up at 9 am. Showered, brushed my teeth, dressed and made myself some breakfast. I sat myself infront of the television and tuned in to CNN. I wanted to go to school to hand in my evaluation and my hours but i had noooo intention of leaving the house before Obama takes his oath, afta dem paper nuh more important than what i was about to witness. Yuh mad? I was supposed to meet up with one of my classmates too so i called her to give her the heads up and she too wasn't leaving her house untill after the oath. I continued watching the inaug. while i ate my breakfast and i can remember i got chills looking at the crowd. U'd think it was a Beatles concert or something. Unbeleivable, looking at the people in the crowd was like looking at beautiful rainbow. Everyone was there to witness the change.

You folks got a hot first lady and the likkle girl dem sell off!!!!! Malia and Sacha to de WORLLL!!
Tonight will be a great night for Michelle, her dreams of getting daggered in the white house has finally come true. raeeeeeee. Although Amanda thinks they already took a quicky in the bathroom on prior visits LMAO.

While all this was going on "queen mother" was having a grand old time on the inside. I think she felt the Obama fever too and was partying it up. Sometimes it feels like she is knocking on my belly as if its a door, screaming, LET ME OUT!, then other times i just feel she is evil cause she kicks me in some places i never knew her tiny limbs could reach. There are also moments i can see a part of my belly poking out and i try to guess which limb it is. (hands, elbows, knees or feet).

I continued watching the inauguration in anticipation, while smiling at what was happening inside of me. Couple times i managed to hold back some tears, because this day has been along time coming. So many people have died fighting for this moment and i am sure today they were rejoicing because the dream Martin had is no longer a dream. All the little black boys and girls now have true role model to look up to. Obama is a prime example of nothing comes for free, you have to work your ass off to get to where you want to go and the only person that can hold you back is YOU. I really wish Black America would stop looking at him as their God and Saviour and hoping their lives will get much better because a black man is now in office. Your life is going to be the same as you are not doing anything to change it, the men hanging on the streets selling drugs and killing each other will continue to go to jail because they choose that lifestyle. Only you can change your destiny, Obama cannot trod your road for you, he's already walking his. Ok i'm getting a little bit carried away. But mek i cuss Mr. Al Sharpton fuss. That little sensationalist. The only time you see that clown is when something is going down. He is never around when anything positive is going on and when he is, he's busy sipping on haterade.

I was watching the the Obama story on BET couple nights ago and this little foolio said " if at the end of his term, black men are still going to jail in numbers, then Obama being president would have been for nothing" WTF? is he serious?

Anywho lol, you remember that project i'm supposed to be doing? Well nothing got done today. Right after the oath, i went to school. I did walk to and from the bus stop though, hehehe. Not a bad walk especially in all that snow and cold. I got home pretty late cause i was out browsing in stores.

Tomorrow the hard work starts for the President and for me too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Day

Today was my first day home. No more school (well for now). I thought i would have been bored out of my mind but surprisingly i wasn't.

I woke up early because for the past 2 weeks i've been waking up early, but u know me, knowing i had nothing to do today i went back to bed for a lil nap and woke up at 9:30. I had to make a few phone calls but guess what? the frickin cordless was dead, thanks to certain somebody. Sooooo, i had to wait a whole hour just to use the phone.

While waiting i had some breakfast, well not much of a breakfast, just bagel with some tea and grapes. I watched the mom show and had a couple conversations on msn untill finally i got 2 bars on the phone.

A phone call that should have taken no less than half an hour including waiting time took me 2 whole hours. Can you believe that ISH? and at the end i didn't even get what i wanted, steeeeeeeeeeeeups.

After that draining phone call i had to get something to put in my belly plus i had promised myself that i would start working on my project. I ate, made 2 cd's because i cannot clean without listening to music. It just wouldn't get done, well not today any way. So i made my cd's put them in and went up stairs to start on the big project that is supposed to last me till this child makes her grand entry. I'm quiet sure unuh wondering what this big project is all about. Well since i will be in this house untill April, i'll be cleaning it from top to bottom. There are 3 spear rooms and the tings in them either needs a home or to go in the garbage, Soo i'll be sorting them out 1 by 1.

Today i started in what will be the baby's room. Kwame uses it as his work shirts room, he jsut have dem fling dung in de room. Laawd this man has clothes in every frickin room. Anywho, i put the shirts on hangers and hung them in his closet, whether he knows that is his closet or not cause we cyaan share one closet, not possible lol. He also used the room to store his luggages, as if the basement not big enough for them so i took them out. I also folded the laundry and put them away, organized the drawers and ting. Lol, i tell yuh when yuh bored, yuh bored.

Did i mention while i was cleaning i was busy following Beanie man's advice and "tek de miggle and whine gyal" lol. You should have seen me, whining down the place and backing it up like nobody's business. Even whining down low, then realise i couldn't get back up. My poor waistline was hurting a bit after all that work out but it's ok now. By the time i was through ( the "office" isn't completely done) it was 4:30 and i had to start cooking.

And that ladies and gentlemen was my day. Tomorrow is a next day.

I forget to mention the rest of the plan. Along with prettifying the house, i'll be throwing in some exercises daily. I'll go for walks, do some exercises from my P90X, not the whole hour, cut the work out down to 20-30 mins. Just the aerobics, yoga, plyometrics and some free wieghts for my arms. Nothing strenuous. Oh yes and read some interesting books, i need to get my tail to indigo ASAP.

That's all folks.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Registery

Yesterday was a stressful and tiring day But i am glad the registery is done and over with. My only stress now is hoping people stick to the list cause jah know seh it too cold outside for me to be returning things. Plus i was a bit confused as to what is supposed to go on it (1) is it presumtious of me to add a stroller that cost over $200? (2) is it cheap of me to put baby bottles and small tings like that? (3) better yet, am i supposed to add diapers and baby whipes to the registery too? (Kristen, yuh was about to get a phone call from the the 2 novice lol). All those questions were swimming around in my head but i scanned away anyway. It was so hard not to scan everything cause in my head the baby needs everything lol. It is soo easy to go crazy in those stores but i controlled myself.

Looking for car seats and strollers is like shopping for a car. These things comes with all kind of features. They have this new stroller that shows the temperature, i was like WTF? Next thing you know they will be adding hydraulics, rims, speakers, video and cd changer.

SEARS, what a hot mess of a place. I was told it's a good place to register, i tried registering online but it just wasn't happening. They didn't have much to choose from. I thought the store would be much better, oh boy was i wrong. First of all walking into the baby department you'd think it was the day after boxing day. No order to the place. The strollers were ugly, car seats were even uglier, They had like 3 cribs on display. The young girl who helped me kept refering to the baby catalogue as if it was any different from the store, scanty just the same. After catching a headache from being so confused and annoyed, i scanned couple things and bolted.

We went to Babies R US. I had already registered online but i wanted to see the strollers and car seats in person before adding them. When i walked in, i felt waaay lighter. The place was bright, clean and organized. I found my stroller travel system, a play pen and a basinet. I also saw other things that were not available on the website. You know i went crazy with the scanner right? lol.

At one point i paused for a second and said to my cousin "oh my gosh i'm shopping for a baby, my baby, can you beleive it"? lol

We saw a crib that we liked. Real solid wood that transforms into a day bed and a double bed. However, the young lady who assisted us told us that alot of cribs were recalled and they would be getting new ones in the upcoming months. SO, we decided to hold out on getting a crib untill we see what they come with next. You know i had to cuss the lil dry head gyal at Sears in my head right? for someone with 2 children and expecting again, she shouldn't have withhold such vital information from a first timer. What if i did get one of those cribs and de bottom drop out with the baby in it eeeh?

You know what else i found confusing? those rockers. They have way too many to choose from and they alllll have the same features. Boy, i did settle on one though but i don't know if i like it. I'll go back to the website to check out the others and the reviews.

I don't know if i'm missing anything. I just have to buy stuff for myself and stock up on diapers (2's and 3's) and whipes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Minor Discomforts

I guess with everything in life, there has to be some minor discomforts. Pregnancy is just one of those things. There are alot of things going on in the body, hormones just running all over the place. That is one word that i really cannot stand although i can use it as an excuse for everything. Heheee.
  1. Urinating.......My gaawd, literally every 15-20 mins i have to be running to the bathroom. Movies or tv shows are constantly being put on pause because i cannot sit through them. (thank God for PVR). I tried not having anything to drink after 8pm each night but i realized it made no difference.
  2. Headaches..... I used to get headaches once in a blue moon, when i'm stressed or those odd days when i don't eat breakfast. First trimester, got these dirty headaches that wouldn't quit. At the time i was afraid to take tylenols although the doctor said i could take them. I just didn't want to take any chances untill the headaches went up a notch. I would take one single regular strength to ease it up a bit.
  3. Lack of appetite.....Yuh see, for some people that might not be a problem but i love my belly and i am not exactly the biggest girl, i'm very small so i cannot afford to lose the little weight i have on my body. I love being small but dat doh mean i want to look like Victoria Beckham aka "Posh Spice". Not only did i lose my appetite but i found that i couldn't eat the things i once loved, such as; Chicken, rice, milk and yogurts.
  4. Fatigue....... Due to the fact that i have to wake up so often to pee pee, i was always tired. There is nothing worse than looking tired and rundung all the time.
  5. Lack ah do...... lol, if yuh doh get it i cyaan help yuh.
  6. Gas....I didn't appreciate that shit man lol. Thank goodness it didn't happen in the presence of strangers.
  7. PAIN...... I hate any kind of pain, even the mildest of pains. There was this pain i was feeling in the pelvic region, it was not excrutiating you know but it still hurt. According to them my uterus is stretching to make room for the baby. Sometimes it felt as if my vangina was stretching too. Speaking of Vjay Jay, i can no longer see it lol.
  8. Nausea....Although it didn't last long, i still didn't like it.

Those were little things i couldn't stand and at times they caused me to be miserable. Everything disappeared at the end of First Trimester with the exception of the bathroom issues and the missing appetite.

I'll save the Major discomforts for April. I'm sure i'll run into some different kind of issues.

Libido where are you?

I've looked everywhere for you, under the tables, the couches, every crivice and corner but i just cannot find you. Please come back. PLEAAAAASE.

Pregnancy is a bitch eh, my sexual appetite was normal untill clear blue made the answer to the question i've been pondering very CLEAR. After dat!!!! the urge to have sex gradually disappeared, i don't even remember what it feels like to be horny. I read the baby book and it did warn me but golly it didn't tell me that the word "sex", would make me cringe or want to vomit, LITERALLY.

Now i know how those ladies that have been circumcised feel. NUMB. I can't even touch my damn self (yes i said it, unuh stop act like unuh nuh play wid unuh self) cause it have no feeling down there, that crap is depressing.

I especially felt bad for Kwame cause that was a drastic change and you know men, they act like they will die if they go a week without it. Get all antzy and frustrated like a hardcore crack head.

I had hope though, because the book told me that second trimester i'd become a nympho, not in those exact words but. Uhmmmm, second trimester is over and i am still in underdrive. Watch me concentrating real real hard to see if i was getting a lil tingle down there. Tingle my ass, obviously that book wasn't refering to Orica's case.

Don't get me wrong, we still do the nasty but i'm still waiting for that nymphish feeling they discribed in the book and i am tired of hearing or reading how great sex is for people during pregnancy and oh i want him everywhere all the time. Keep allyuh shit to yourself. LOl yes i'm drinking some strong haterade right now.

I still have hope, i gots 15 mo weeks to go so and i will be home all day waiting.

P.S...Sorry Kwame, Kristen did tell mi to write EVERYTHING and not to leave out any DETAILS lol. On a serious note, thank you for being a trooper.

Are You Hungry?

For you non-pregnant folks, be prepared for this question as soon as people find out you are expecting.

Before they couldn't careless if you're hungry or not but as soon as they hear the word "Pregnant".....are you hungry, do you want a piece of cake, icecream? and they never take no for an answer either. Your mouth must be moving at all times and that is the only way they'll have it.

A perfect example of this.

Kwame and i went to a house warming get together and the lady of the house was busy feeling up her dog on the couch, just in her own little world and i was chilling with the guys. One of the friends asked Kwame if everybody knows and of course people were like know what?. He told them that we were expecting. The woman put the dog down instantly and come over and gave me a big hug and well wishes. That was cool, it was when she asked me if i wanted something to eat i was like WTF? i been here for 2 hours and she didn't offer me squat all of a sudden she wants to feed me?

I kept telling her i was ok, because really i was. I ate at mom's before going to their house but you know determination is a biatch she didn't stop asking me if i was sure untill i gave in and accepted the ice cream. I saw her again at a house party and she had this weird look (kind a scary) and a baby voice "remember the baby will tell me if you are not giving her treats". In my head i was like what the hell is wrong with this psycho? I just smiled at her and walked off.

My teacher would hide and give me a sandwhich or a chocolate bar because the other students were wondering why i'm getting special treatment lol. That i didn't mind because by the time i get to school i was hungry so those sandwiches were helpful.

People also thought i was too small in size to be pregnant. Oh you have to eat more. UHMMM for what? I'm not hungry, i have no appetite so why force myself to eat?

Now i'm eating everyting insight and those people are nowhere to be found with the food steeeeeeeeeeeeeeups.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The #1 question

Is it a Boy or Girl?

November 28 was a highly anticipated date not just for me but also for my friends. That was the day i would find out who i was bringing into the world.

If i told you i didn't care, i would be lying. I was always that kid who wanted 4 boys (don't know about 4 anymore). For sure girl babies are more fun but i wanted boys. As much as i wanted a boy i had a feeling it would be a girl. I wasn't disappointed or anything when i heard she was a girl actually i had a big grin on my face and i started imagining what life would be like with her. I loove, love combing childrens hair and dressing them up so i'm looking forward to it.

Mr. Man said it didn't matter as long as the baby is healthy and has all 4 limbs along with all fingers and toes, ears and nose and the eyes. No extra limbs added or taken away and i share the same sentiments.

So a minnie me, can you beleive it?. I feel sorry for this child, she doesn't have a chance at all, both parents are crazy plus the friends of the parents are also loony bins suh she done mad already. Po ting.

Could i have swollowed the.....?

Wanna hear a funny story?

I think it was sometime in October. I had dinner at my mom's house but for some reason the food that i was craving so much (bush food; yam, banana's) wasn't agreeing with my stomach. I brought it all up aroud 8pm and my throat started to hurt so i went to bed. I woke up around 1:30 am vomiting again. It felt as if something was stuck in my throat and as a result of that i couldn't breathe as each time i breathe or try to speak it would hurt.

Kwame took me to the emergency room and i over exaggerated to the nurse a bit, just a tad bit, that i couldn't breathe, i mean i wasn't going to colapse or anything but i didn't want to be there forever, plus my throat was really hurting. The word triage will always stick in my head when it comes to emergency ( placing patients in priority sequence). Your case is considered emergency if you are bleeding to death or if you are having respiratory porblems.

So anyways before seeing a doctor i saw like 3 different nurses, I HATE it when i am not told what is going on. They just come and do what they gotta do and go back to chatting while i am dying ( or so i thought at the moment).

I did say there was a funny part to this story right? nuh worry man it ah come. So while i was sitting there grabbing my throat and trying to squeeze all the blood out of kwame's hands i remembered reading on baby center that my baby was probably the size of a medium shrimp ( i forget how many weeks i was at the time). So in my state of madness i started thinking, "what if .......uhmmm....what if it's the baby that is stuck in my throat"?. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. YES, People it crossed my mind i know, shameful. I know that it is not humanly possible but it crossed my mind. All yuh now beleive mi when i tell yuh i'm like public lunatic #1?. I couldn't even laugh at the thought, not because it was a stupid thought but because my poor throat was in serious pain. I almost shared the stupidity with Kwame but i kept my mouth shut because that would be more ammunition for him. I think he would laugh at me so hard and tell the whole world, so i kept to myself, untill now. I just remembered couple days ago and burst out laughing. Not quiet sure what de hell was going through my head.

I finally got to see the doctor and he gave me some kind of peptobismol. In my head i was like doofus i didn't tell you i have heart burn but i swollowed it anyway. Didn't help me non plus the strep test came back negative and they sent me home. I ended up with a sore throat for couple days.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nocturia... oye ya yoye.

Nocturia is the medical term for exessive urination at nights.

When i tell yuh there is no control over your bladder, there is NONE. No amount of kegel excercises can help you either. When you have to go, you have to go and just when you think you can hold it for an extra minute or so, your belly starts to cramp and it HURTS. Sometimes when you do go to pee, it's only a likkle trickle. Can you believe that ish? all the pain and suffering for just a bloody trickle?.

I often joke that waking up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom is practice for when the baby comes but it wasn't a joke when i wanted to go back to sleep and couldn't.

Speaking of which, i only now realise that i do not wake up so often anymore. Whoop whoop. i really shouldn't be so excited because i hear there is a possibility of me pissing myself.

There were days when i pondered going to the drug store to buy a pack of depends because i just couldn't take it. Serious you know people.....but i didn't want Kwame to have such a thing over my head, it wouldn't be nice. I would hear it for the rest of my life.

Uhmmm sorry, I have to cut this one short cause i watching 24. Laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Do you know that if your batty was once shy, once you become pregnant it loses all manners and just let out flatulence whenever it pleases? You start to burp as if you are a bar chick hanging with the guys? I bet yuh neva know dat? now yuh know. This is the perfect time to just purrrrrrp and burp and seh sorry and blame it all on the pregnancy. YUP.

Seriously, gas takes over your life, it tricks you into beleiving that your bump is growing untill you drink a cup of hot mint tea and as soon as you fart or burp the belly disappears. Do you know how disappointing that is?. Getting all excited singing my revised version of Fergies song. "My bump, my bump,my lovely baby bump" untill i let loose some air and the belly deflates. My gaawd.

At first i was embarrassed. K was like oh goooosh, she belly swell and now she lose she manners lol. I had to wikipedia gas and pregnancy for him to realise i wasn't doing it for spite but because i had no control over it. He is a wikipedia junkie so he will swollow whatever they say.

I was still in shock at the fact that i wasn't experiencing any morning sickeness. I thanked god because only he knows all the pain i've felt on a monthly basis with the menstral thing. I think he said you know what, i'll ease up on this poor child. Can i tell you that i do not miss this monthly menstruation thing at all? I don't even want it to come back, life is so much easier without it. No back pains, no big painful pimple on the nose, forehead or chin. No bad cramps. Happy redance as the kids in country would say.

Yeah man, my first and part of my second trimester i was like a walking helium balloon, just filled with gas. I used to run out of class just to fart and hold it in on the bus untill i get off, once i was in the house it was over, just one after the other.

Gosh thank goodness that it's over it is definately the most embarassing part of being pregnant.