Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thursday Night

Thursday night was a pretty strange night. You'd think i'd be able to sleep because the man was back in the country. Naaa. Not at all. I just couldn't sleep for the life of me and i kept going to the bathroom every 15 minutes, which was getting annoying. Now, imagine sleep kicking your ass right, and each time your eyes close you have to get up to pee pee. Lol, you know your homegirl started to cry right?. This burst of emotion came over me and i couldn't help it anymore and just let the tears flow. First it was sniffles cause i didn't want to wake kwame up and then i couldn't help it anymore i just let it all out. Lol, while i was crying i kept saying, sorry, i'm sorry lmao i swear someone gave me some kind of drug to make me act crazy.

I think for the first time it actually hit me. I'm going to be a mother!!! and the fact that i have 8 more weeks to go and nothing done just made it worse. Room not painted, still stalling on ordering the crib, I have a whole lot of rinsing baby clothes and stuff to do, laawd have mercy, just about everything so i panicked and cried. I got out the bed and went down stairs to wactch some television hoping that i would fall asleep. YEAH right, that didn't happen. A whole new something came up and i just started to cry even more lol. When i noticed it was 6:30 i started to make some cornmeal porridge as i was getting hungry. Even in the drama i gotz to feed myself HA. I went back to bed at 7 am and i got a bit of sleep but not too much.

Monday, February 23, 2009

An Afternoon Well Spent

Today was a beautiful day. Not weather wise, it was forking cold outside, i'm not sure who told me to go outside without wearing a tights under the jeans. Steups, getting fed up of this bleeding place right about now.

Yeah, so besides the -4 degrees with a wind chill of -18, i still managed to wobble my humpty dumpty self to the mall to get my facial. Of course i was late, i really wouldn't me if i wasn't now would i?. For some weird reason i was walking around the mall in circles looking for Yves Rocher and it's not like i haven't been there before. The place just looked different from all the renovations. Alll dat reno and still crappy stores, just wutless i tell ya. Allas i found it and the lady was waiting patiently for me. She was cool not like she could start without me anyway lol. First i had to take a wee wee cause you know how it is, i just cannot control my bladder, not for shyte. I went in the room and prepared myself and i also brought a pillow from home for my back. She really made me comfortable by putting the table up a little bit. She did a good job with my face and she even exfoliated and massaged my hands before putting them into a plastic bag then this glove that produces heat. It felt NOOOOICE. I wasn't too pleased when we got to the extractions because it hurts like hell but all i kept thinking was girl, relax yourself in 8 weeks you'll be feeling pain much worse than this. It didn't work because i cannot see pass any kind of pain. I tried falling asleep but i couldn't although i reallly wanted to. I wasn't comfortable. I was beginning to to feel light headed and my back really hurt, i learned why i shouldn't be on my back for too long. Patricia (that is the lady's name) came back just in time to adjust the table and i felt better. She did a good job, i cannot stop feeling my face. It feels like a babies bottom nice and soft. I made her a deal that i would get a deep cleansing every 3 months and of course she wanted to see my belly and according to her my belly is low so it must be a boy lol.

We shall see.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Looking Pregnant

I'm beginning to look pregnant. My face looks like someone pumped it up with a bicycle pump, it is just ROUND like a bulla cake. Shoot even my knee caps are fat. When i stand up and look down all i see is this excess fat around my knee cap. It's weird how i gain weight, my legs are still skinny, my arms are fat, fat faced and that is about it. All the food goes to the child and my hair. I wobble, when i walk i get this picture of a duck in my head lol and wonder if people are looking at me weird.

I try very hard not to watch the varicose veins taking up residency on my legs because if i do i know i wouldn't be a happy camper and i'd start being all self conscious. Ooooh, totally unrelated but i noticed 2 grey hairs in my head and i was like golly they couldn't have waited untill the baby gets here? At least i'd have someone to blame them on. steeeeeeeeeeeups

I'm In Love

With whom you ask?
Uhmmm *pulls fingers*....*mumbles under breath* de postman... Yes de post man!!!! Kwame nuh feel ways, i wont give im non lol. He is tall dark and handsome but that aint the reason why i'm inlove with him. He brings me gifts, uh huh and i don't mean junk mails and bills yuh know. Real gifts and he's been bringing me gifts since the end of Janauary. I have to run down the stairs at least once a week screaming "i'm comingggg, i'm coming" but once i see him standing there with the box in his hand a big smile takes over my face, doh mind that some of the times my face aint clean cause half the time i run out the bed with pajama pants in hand lol. Gosh i like de dude but why so early in de blinking morning?. He always apoligizes for waking me up so early though.

Being at home everyday by myself, there is no greater feeling than receiving gifts in the mail it just makes me realize how much i'm loved and that there are people out there who are thinking about me and my unborn child. They know they wouldn't make it to the shower but they still took the time out to send something, i am realllly grateful.

Trish, thank you very much for making me cry so early in the morning and no, i know for a fact that i would've cried regardless so doh blame de hormones lol. You really didn't have to do what you did, that's what brought me to tears.

People i haven't bought a thing, well a pack of onsies which Kwame buff mi up for and Amanda made me promise not to buy anything untill after the shower (i'm still in awe at the fact that i've been obedient). As i was saying, i haven't bought anything and i have a rubbermaid bin and a medium sized box with baby stuff sitting in my living room. With all that said, can you really blame a girl for shedding a tear or 2 once in a blue? After all they are happy tears and i love the mail man for helping to put a smile on my face by delivering them to me.

Baby Shower Mode

I'm so excited and i just can't hide iiiittttt.

it's funny how i'm not too too excited about the day of the shower, only Friday and Saturday cause that is when my peeps gets in. I get to have almost all of my favourite people in once place(plus Juniors Cheesecake lol). I miss the laughter (to tears), the food we cook and just liming. Too bad, i will only be able to smell the dumplin sauce this time, not even a taste test sigh.....sings, "rum oyyeeee, weh yuh deh".

While the ladies are doing their "Top Secret" shower planning. I have plans of my own too, shiiieeeet. I'm a get my hur did, my claws cut and filed down cause i bought a new pair of shoes and i would hate to put a hole in them. Get a deep cleanse facial as my face looks like i've aged couple years, which aint so bad cause people think i'm 22 so looking 25 at 29 aint bad at all.

Talking about new shoes. I also got a new frock, it look nice yuh si, I cannot wait to put the whole outfit together and my findings didn't make me think about breaking a bank or anything. God bless internet shopping, i doh think retail stores in Toronto will be seeing me for a while cause maaan, the deals i found online were toooo good. I also found my favourite shoe store online. As if i'm not already a shoes junkie, i dunno whats gonna happen now that i found that place.

My homie Alisa dyed my hair yesterday, i was going to pay the hair dresser to do my hair but i was like FOR WHAT? i can style my hair myself, i'm just damned lazy, so i decided to do mi hair myself. I just have to get some sponge curlers and twist the new growth and voila on Sunday i'll be the black Shirly Temple, rocking my nice black curls hehehe.

Oh, so you think i'm stopping at getting a facial, pedicure and fixing my hair? Nooo, sorry Bob. As if you didn't hear me when i said i have a permanent tired look on my face or what?. I made an appointment at M.A.C cause i want to look nice and refreshed on Sunday plus show dem seh hot gyal still deh i'm a mess i know lol. Seriously though, i cannot let the people see me looking a mess so i gotz ta look gooooood.

Tomorrow the prettifying starts.

Pregnancy Bliss

You guys have heard my many complaints but honeslty guys this pregnancy thing is not so bad at all. It's just like everything in life, the good comes with the bad. I thank God though that i have had more good than bad. Personally, think it is fun, specially over the past couple weeks. I might complain that i am wearing exhaustion on my face and that body parts hurt but honestly i am enjoying this. Sometimes i cannot believe that i love someone soo much and i have never met them. If i love her off so much now, imagine when she gets here and when she smiles at me? (u know i just shed a tear right? Stinkin hormones i tell ya).

Not only is it amazing to watch my body transform but it is also awesome when i feel movements in my belly and the way the baby reacts to certain noise. I watched my belly go from a pancake to an oversized breadfruit (if u don't know what a breadfruit is, google is yuh friend lol). I have also graduated from the Itty Bitty Committee lol, i have boobies now. The interesting part is what they will look like after breast feeding. I've already decided to put away some silicone funds cause i know for a fact that cannot live with deflated balloons as breast.

The lil girl is getting stronger and i can tell she is quickly outgrowing her space so much so that when she moves my belly moves from side to side and i can see lil body parts sticking out. I love when her body parts stick out lol we play hide and go seek, i'll feel the area and she disappears and go somewhere else and so on and so on. I'm a nerd you might be saying but i find it fun and i'll sit there and laugh too, uh huh lol. She is really active when i play certain music (nope she doesn't act wild when i play vivaldi she is at peace then) and when i am in the bathtub she goes crazy when the water is running( uhmm does dat mean she fraid a wata or she likes the sound? lmao), Sometimes i know when she is stretching cause my belly gets hards and stuff sticking out everywhere and it HURTS. I'm like laawd i know space is limited but have a likkle bit of consideration pon your madda nuh man? Along with her growth comes exhaustion, makes it even harder cause i'm a little person carrying a belly so i am forever drained and sleeping. Sometimes i feel absolutely lazy and worthless cause i will wake up and do nothing for the day cause all i'm doing is sleeping. Do you remember that big basement project i was going on about, well that got flushed down the toilette. I have to save all my energy cause only God knows that i need it nowadays.

All in all, i am totally enjoying my pregnancy and if you know me, i'm laughing as usual and not a complaint. I think Kwame only heard me complain once and he was like WOW, you must be feeling stuff cause i've never seen you this miserable. That lasted couple hours and i was back to being me. At this point i just want to see the chic and hear her lil cry. Sigh.....32 weeks on Thursday, 8 more to go.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maternity Clothes?

I have always hated the thought of wearing maternity clothes. All i could picture in my head are those ladies with those ugly looking frocks or some pants that has no shape to them. I keep hearing that they have fashionable stuff now and blah blah blah. I honestly thought that i could avoid those stores throughout my pregnancy but guess wha? na uh. This morning was a wake up call for me. You see, for the past couple months i've been juicing these 2 jeans. They were somewhat loose before and they are low rise. They were getting tight and up to last week i could still wear them and button them. This morning however was a different story. I had an appointment and i pulled for one of the jeans and to my flicking surpise the jean could barely go over my butt.

*Side bar* Do you guys know how long i've been writing this one post? lol. Seriously i started this the first week of Feb. Shameful, and to de people who keep threatening mi, easy nuh man, do you know how much work it is to make a beautiful princess? NUFF NUFF WORK.

I think i hate the malls in the Scarborough area. They are obsolutely worthless. Big Scarborough Town Center and not even one kakahole Maternity store. Can you beleive that shit? Sears didn't have any either and the Bay has some but the ones that i was always afraid of. Elastic waist slinky looking material pants and these tops that looks like stuff i would find in grandma's closet. I mean not because i'm pregnant doesn't mean i'm unattractive and i should dress as such, i think they are very rude and out of order and they should not be allowed to carry such ugly maternity clothes in their stores.....It is a big INSULT, and i also think i am going to file a complaint or sue somebody for trying to make me look fat and ugly during my pregnancy. I mean if an obese person can sue McDonalds why can't i sue Sears or the Bay for making me look unattractive in those ghastly looking clothes they are selling for an arm and a leg?

Anyways. Last week i went to Yorkdale Mall, the best Mall in Toronto and i entered the mall guess what i spotted? THYME MATERNITY SHOP!! They had variety; low rise, high waist, even jeans that i can wear after birth, some had elastics and some had regular waist. Now that is what i'm talking about. They also had nice sweaters and blouses. I wasn't impressed with their bra collection though, i thought they looked grandma-ish. Lol, am i asking for too much here? I got a nice dark jean and i was off. STOP DE PRESS!!!, did you guys know Old Navy has a maternity section? I almost kicked myself when i found out because i could have gotten 2 nice jeans for the price i paid for the 1 jean. I was a bit cheesed but not for too long cause i'm quiet sure i'll remember when i need 1 or 2 more in my eigth month, which starts on Thursday. Almost there. I cyaaaan waiiiiit.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lawd ah Tired

Does anybody want to help me carry my load? ANYBODY...SOMEBODY????....Please, i am begging. The hill is getting a bit steep and i am starting to struggle a bit. Lmao, i so wish i could take off the belly and give it to someone else for juuust a likkle bit. My back hurts, my rib cage hurts, my nose is stuffy, and i am starting to struggle to breathe. My bladder is working overtime and since my sex drive decided to take a vacation my vangina also decided to tek weh harself sloooowly (which probably means mi man horning mi, after all he is a Trickadadian). I haven't seen her in a couple months now i hope they are both having a good time where ever they are.

Maan, i think i have dropsy all over again. Saturday i slept the whooooole day away, can you beleive that ish?. My poor little cousin who has been begging for a one on one for the longest time basically sat beside me on the floor and watched her family channel all day while i slept lol. Damn shame. I finally decided to wake up at 4 and cooked us dinner. We ate, showered and bought a movie from Rogers on Demand and that was our day. BORINNNNNG. Dred, i really wanted to take her to the malll or something but maaan, i just couldn't fight that laziness it was too strong.

They say it gets worse as the months go by. ELEVEN more weeks till NYE NYE, WHO HOOOOOOOO.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pregnancy Myths

I know we have all heard the many myths of pregnancy, especially if you are West Indian.

Feel free to add some of the crazy things you have heard.

  1. A low Belly means it's a boy
  2. (A high belly means it is a girl
  3. If it's a pointy belly it is a boy
  4. If it's round its a girl
  5. Having Acne means it is a girl
  6. The dark cirle under the eyes or around the nose means it is a girl
  7. Horrible morning sickeness is a boy
  8. back pain means it's a boy
  9. You cannot go to a funeral or view a dead person when pregnant I not sure what happens if you do)
  10. Excessive heart burn means the baby has a lot of hair on the head
  11. If your skin complexion gets dark that means the baby will be brown in complexion
  12. Drinking certain bush tea or drinking cornmeal porrdidge will make the baby skin nice and smooth (lol, this one is courtesy of mi madda, lord bless her heart lol.)
  13. The umbilical cord can wrap around the babies neck if you cross your legs. ( well yes, i think this one takes the cake. Can you believe the girl tried to argue me down when i told her it was scientifically imposible). She said that's what they beleive in Guyana....hmmmmmmmm. I'll be nice to the Guyanese today lol.

I can't remember what they said about the nose spreading and the elephantitis and so on. Only God knows how the people come up with some of these things. I was trying to aim for 15 but i got stuck. As i said before ADD to mi list.