Thursday, April 16, 2009


AH FED UP BEING PREGNANT!!!!*Bangs head*. I still have a gut people and it is the size of a watermelon, not a little one you know, a BIG one. Sigh. I must say i loved being pregnant up until 2 weeks ago. The days are going so slow and i am feeling more pain. I was telling Amanda and Faj that my vangina feels as if it is holding a ton of bricks and each time i get up from sitting down or when i walk i just feel like i have to hold it cause it is so heavy or it feels as if it is falling out. I can't find a better way to explain it just feels heavy man.

Emotionally? i am a mess, just about everything makes me cry and i am absolutely bored out of my mind. Last Sunday, we went on the street, forgetting it was Easter Sunday. All the stores were closed, that means i had to go back inside the house. Can you believe when Kwame pulled up to the garage i started crying, shameful right? i know, what can i say "call me the Canadian psycho". I felt so cooped up in the house i really didn't want to go back in there. I wanted to get out so badly i offered to treat him to red lobster, since they were just about the only place that was open.

All in all this whole thing is getting on my nerves. I still pee as if i am supplying a reservoir, my belly is still stretching and it frigging itches. Doesn't matter how much i moisturize it. Sleeping is getting ridiculous. Sleeping on my sides for too long is becoming a problem and i cannot sleep on my back for too long because of that major artery so i think i need to sleep sitting up. Sometimes this child decides to sleep on the surface and it doesn't matter how much i provoke her, she will never MOVE, IT HURTS BAAAAD. It's hard and uncomfortable. PLEASE GOD, PLEASE LET THIS BE OVER SOON. OK, enough of my complaining.

I must tell you that i am well prepared for my big day. Not only is my little pulley packed, but i also shaved my legs and got a pedicure. I cleaned up my yard; weed out all the dandelions, mowed the lawn and cleaned up the side walk real good and of course i didn't do it all by myself, i enlisted the help of a very kind gentleman. I'm ready for the Lights, Camera, ACTION....uhmmm, not quiet sure about the action part lol.

My doctor is impressed with how my cervix is progressing and he hopes he'll see me before my next appointment, which is on Tuesday. Now i sit and wait ANXIOUSLY.



  1. LMAO @ peeing like yuh supplying a reservoir! Where you come up with your descriptions I doh know nuh!

    I hope your trials are over soon. She's coming just noooow, excitement!

  2. Shoot I just now realize what you talking about when you said you cleaned up your yard. I was like a mad she mad why she don't get someone else to do that. Bwoy me slow!