Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hello Orica, you are 37 Weeks Pregnant TODAY!!!!!

Is it almost time or what?!!!!, My gaaaawd. I am so excited!!. You have no idea how high my level of excitement is. I feel like i'm waiting to see a long lost family member and as the time gets closer the more anxious i get.

It's funny how my cell phone hasn't been ringing, partly because everybody thinks it's disconnected (i love it that way, i can save money) but as we entered April, people be ringing down my cell phone wondering if i had the baby lol. People, i know you are as excited as i am but stop stress mi out lol. I have all your numbers and Kwame will have my cell phone so as she pops out, 5 minutes or maybe half an hour later he will text ALL ah unuh and mek unuh know. SCENE? ( well Mandy we gonna have to work something out since we can't text to Japan, we have to buy a phone card just for you). Oh, and if you guys notice that i am MIA on MSN, i'm not really in a talky talky mood nowdays, plus as i said before it gets annoying and frustrating when everyone keep asking if i make baby yet and most of u know how i get when i'm agitated.

Whats new?
My last Lamaze class was on Tuesday. It was alright. It was a very small class, not sure what happened to everybody. One couple had their baby. Her due date was 2 days before mine. Poor Kwame had a panic attack when the husband came down to tell us. This was the first time he actually got scared because it could be us, any day now. He had his head down, and he kept saying, oh gooosh, oh my gaawd, maaan, lol, and everyone was laughing at him. He kept going on, mommy aint here yet, i wouldn't know what to do...hahahaa, you guys should have been there it was hilarious. We didn't really do anything but watch some videos and talked about our experience and give each other tips and stuff like that. Shhhhh...doh tell anybody but Kwame and i are allowed to be in her class next week although we didn't pay for it, some taking care of baby class. I say we go cause i think then and only then will i feel as if my $90 was well spent lol.

This week i also had my appointment, which was long over due but my dr. was on vacation so i had to have it 3 weeks later. We did the Group B Streptococcus (GBS) test. Same idea as a pap smear except i got my butt swabbed too. Read all about it.

The appointment was the usual, i told him about all the new and exciting things; the pelvic and cervix pain and so on. He assured me that i am normal and if i see blood i should get myself to the emergency. He measured my belly and felt for the baby's head and sure enough she did turn. My belly also dropped a little bit, which is great because i was having a hard time breathing. He says everything is going well and my next visit is next Monday. I will see him every week untill i have the baby.

P.S. Will i give birth before my due date? April 24th or will i go over my 40 weeks? How early or late do you think i'll be?

Poll number 2: This lady thinks the baby will weigh 6lbs 7 ounces? What do you guys think?

LETS MAKE THIS FUN PEOPLE. Allyuh can bet money if yuh want lol ( in no way shape or form do 1 condone online gambling :D)


  1. Ok i have an odd notion that you going give birth on the weekend of the 19th the Sunday to be exact when i jumping up my phone going go off. So i say prob in the morning..

    I will go with 7lbs...

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  3. If it is on the 24th I will be on a plane on my way to Miami!! So I can let Nhy hear her first ocean water!!!

  4. I also says she is no where over 6 lbs...maybe 5lbs 5oz...maybe less...and if she is anything like her aunty she will be right on time!!!!!

  5. My guess is 6 pounds 3 ounces:) I can't believe the time, this is madness!! She's almost here!

  6. She is going to come on the 13th, 14th or 15th, weighing 6lbs 7 ounces!